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Hidden Desires (Texas Heat #5) Amelia  Rose

Hidden Desires (Texas Heat #5)

Amelia Rose

Published June 17th 2014
Kindle Edition
94 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A Contemporary Cowboy Romance StoryThis is book 5 in the Texas Heat series and it features the lively O’Connor family, who work hard and love hardWhen her husband leaves her for a younger woman, taking with him the company she’s worked so hard to build, the tabloids go crazy. Desperate and in search of an escape Honey Whitmore finds herself at Circle O, the O’Connor family ranch. Even though she has worked on Wall Street since graduating from college, she takes a job as a ranch hand, seeking only oblivion.Caleb O’Connor is an entrepreneur and he’s at Circle O to help them transition into grass fed organic beef. The first time he sees Honey he falls for her without reservation, but Honey is hurting and she has no time for men. Caleb does not give up and he finally gets Honey to notice him.Honey gradually finds healing and in the process she discovers that Caleb is really her knight in shining armor.