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Casting (Witch Princess, #1) Eugenia Argerami

Casting (Witch Princess, #1)

Eugenia Argerami

Published June 2014
Unknown Binding
53 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Anastella Hayden is the seventeen year old princess of Lithia, one of two great kingdoms. To unite them, she must marry Castor, the prince of Foremen.But on the day of her wedding, odd things begin occurring to Anastella. When she begins hearing the haunting melody that calls her, Anastella follows it and runs into a mysterious young man that is not what he seems to be.Once the deadly secret is revealed to Anastella, the princess begins seeing her whole life more clearly--Especially her mothers mysterious death.Or murder.Now, not only is Princess Anastella trying to solve the murder of her mother, the queen, and learning to control her gift, but she is also trying to sort out what it is shes feeling for the mysterious boy, who may or may not be the cause of the queens murder.And Anastellas approaching death.NOTE:This can be found on Goodreads, in the Creative Writing section.