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Outrageous Courage Rosemary McCallum

Outrageous Courage

Rosemary McCallum

Published January 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781742982540
220 pages
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 About the Book 

Discover the tools to live the life you choose. International Author and The Attitude Specialist, Dr Rosemary McCallum invites you to come on a journey of self-discovery as you share in the real life situations and personal challenges faced by regular people. In their own compelling words and with startling frankness they share their personal Heros Quest to find greater meaning in their life. People, like you and me, who, despite their fears of rejection by those closest to them, took back their own power and reclaimed their authentic self. The stories in this book will inspire you to: * Break through limited thinking to become a master of your own destiny* Create your future by acknowledging the lessons from your past* Change your world one thought at a time* Ignite a passion and purpose for life* Stop REACTING and start RESPONDING to life* Realize that depression can be an awakening to change* Stop regretting what didnt happen and start creating what you want to happen You have so helped me restore my identity, my beliefs, and my self-esteem, but what you really did, in such a short time, is show me what I knew I believed yet couldnt find, quantify and feel... Benjamin Hecht Park Real Estate Known as The Attitude Specialist, Dr. Rosemary McCallum is a renowned speaker, author, success coach, Master Visionary and creator of the VIAS(r) business growth system. She has helped hundreds of people to bring their dreams and ambitions to life with her powerful, proven techniques over the past 20 year