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Loco Ellen Grace


Ellen Grace

Kindle Edition
195 pages
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 About the Book 

While the romance may be imaginary, the Maidu are real Native Americans. Ellen Grace manages to capture the details of every day life for these historic people.This is the story of a band of Maidu Indians from northern California. Their young war chief has had a vision of a white woman most of his life and one day finds her. The story of their romance and details of their tribal life bring the “old ways” to life.Aleeta Rogers runs away from her home after her husband dies and is rescued from a group of trappers by Loco and his friends. They travel together from the Northern California valley into the Sierras to his ancestral home.You will fall in love with Loco, the sweet and gentle Native American who charms Aleeta with his sense of humor and respectful treatment. The author weaves real history with speculation through Loco’s adventures.His fathers adventures as a young man spotlight one of the mysteries of Northern California. No one knows what really happened when famous pioneer Peter Lassen was attacked and killed while on a prospecting trip in Nevada. What Striking Hawk saw could have happened...Echoing events that would happen later all over the United States, Locos son is abducted by a couple who started an Indian school to teach the savages how to be civilized. The rescue of the children in a colorful and bloodless maneuver ends the book on a high note as the Maidu celebrate their victory and Aleeta tells Loco a secret.